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Power Capacitor

A car audio power capacitor is a storage device for electrical power that will deliver, faster than the vehicles electrical system, large amounts of current burst. A car audio system can starve the vehicles electrical system during transient peaks which can" bleed" power from the other accessories of the vehicle. The positive and negative terminals are wired in line with the power wire to the the car audio system.


12 Volt Capacitor




Power Capacitor Charging and Installation

The power capacitor or "cap" will need to be charged before usage. Apply extreme caution when attempting this procedure. Refer to owners manual.


A multimeter set at 12V DC with the black ground probe on the negative terminal of the cap and the positive red probe on the positive terminal of the cap and a resistor, usually supplied with capacitor, inline will register 12 volts at full charge. Refer to owners manual.



Capacitor Installation

The installation of the power capacitor should be secure and tight. Place the capacitor as close to the amplifiers as possible.













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