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Noise Solutions

Thin metal parts and structures easily transmit noise when impacted or by natural resonance when excited by acoustic energy. Vibrating or resonating metal is a common noise problem in industrial and commercial environments and one that OEM's must often take into consideration.
These types of noise problems are often easily solved by applying damping material to these metal surfaces. Damping materials work by changing the natural vibration frequency of the vibrating surface and thereby lowering radiated noise and increasing the transmission loss of the material. INC offers two very effective products, INC Damping Compound and INC Vibration Damping Sheets, that convert ordinary sheet metal into damped metal - greatly reducing the tendency to transmit noise and vibration.




This noise and vibration can be tamed by various solutions, the most popular in the car audio industry would be a mat or a spray application. The mat application will consist of thin squares or sheets, one side having an adhesive background. The adhesive background is layed and pressure rolled on. The spray will prove "dampening" in harder to get areas. The sound dampening will provide low road noise and quality listening experience. The most popular parts would be the doors, interior and truck area.


Noise Solutions/Electrical

The electrical structure of the automobile will also present situations of noise, ground loops, or "whine" in a car audio installation. Protective measures in the systems design and layout are key components in eliminating interference from the vehicles electrical system.

Use quality copper or aluminum shield signal cables.

Use proper guage power and GROUND wire.

Route power wire and signal cables on opposite sides of the vehicle.

Retain minimum length in power and signal cables.

Solid ground, paint removed and bolt.

Adjust amplifiers gain controls.

Pinpoint problem using a process of elimination.












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