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Head Unit

The head unit itself is usually a multi-purpose device that houses multiple types of components in its housing. The most common components are a radio receiver/tuner usually with AM and FM bands, and a small amplifier for driving an audio signal to speakers.


Half Din Mount

Components of head units include CD player, DVD player, Minidisc, USB, Flash memory, and even a hard disk drive. Many head units also feature a DSP component, and equalization component, bass and treble controls, or a control interface for another feature on the car such as a back-up/parking camera, navigation system, video, etc.



Din Mount

Due to auto manufacturing differences over the years, aftermarket head unit products are manufactured in multiple form factors. The primarily used size is mostly referred to by its legacy name of DIN, which refers to ISO 7736. DIN headunits come as single DIN or double DIN. A third less common standard is used mostly by Chrysler group and for a time Mitsubishi in their OEM devices.



Double Din Mount

Double Din mount head units are commonly found in the Ford line of automobiles. Head units to accomodate these application are widely availiable with feature packed options.



Factory Style OEM Head Unit

OEM units are being integrated in vehicles to provide multi features for the convenience of the driver, with navigation systems and cellphone applications, and others, controlled via your head unit.













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