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Glossary of Terms

Wires that show voltage in the "run" and "accessory" key switch positions.

Active Arming
An action taken to manually "turn on" the security system via a remote control.

A "motor" driven by 12 volt energy. Commonly used in door lock applications.

The entry path of current into a diode or the negative side of a battery.

Arming Delay
A programmed preset which will not allow the security system to arm or "turn on" until the set time has passed, usually after the last door is closed.

Automatic Re-Arm
Once the security system disarmed, accidentaly or intentional, it will engage in a countdown and proceed to continue monitoring the vehicle.

Auxillary Inputs
An additional circuit that would trigger the security system, usuaally a form of sensor is applied.

Auxillary Outputs
the transmitter will have control of the features tied to outputs, trunk release is one option.

Back-Up Battery
As a source of power to continue to monitor the vehicle if the main power source, the battery, is interrupted.

Lead plates and dilluted solutions of sulfuric acids combined produce and store electricity.

A device which collects, stores and releases electrical energy.

The exit path of current out of a diode and the positive side of a battery.

Describes how many different functions the security systems control unit can perform. Channel one for arm/disarm, channel 2 for trunk release, etc.

The metal structure of the vehicle which is bonded by the negative side of the battery.

A sound emitted through the security systems siren indicating various stages. One chirp arm, two chirps dis-arm, etc. Also used in programming the system.

The process used to connect or match the transmitter and reciever to reconize one another.

Current Sensing
The security system will "sense" a change in the vehicles electrical system and trigger the system.

A device that allows electricity to flow in one direction.

To "turn off" the system through the transmitter or switch.

Entry Delay
The time period from disarm allowing time to enter the vehicle and to start before the system will activate again or re-arm.

The goverment agency which regulates electronic communications. Remote security systems fall into this catergory.

Flashing Light Output
Controlling the vehicles lights, usually the parking lights, as a status indicator and attention grabber in the event of the vehicle being tampered.

Assigned by the FCC, is the wavelength of radio transmissions.

The circuits return path to the battery negative terminal.

Ground Loop
A difference in voltage potential between two ground circuits.

A circuit that displays voltage when the vehicles key switch position is in the "run" and "start" positions.

Keyless Entry
The control to lock and unlock the vehicles doors via a remote transmitter.

Last Door Arming
The security system will arm or "turn on" automatically by detecting a vehicles door being opened and then all doors closed.

Original Equipment Manufacturer. Products used by the maker of the vehicle.

Panic Feature
Control siren to sound from the transmitter.

Passive Arming
Once exiting the vehicle the security system will arm or "turn on" automatiaclly once it senses all doors closed. A programmable feature.

A electrically operated switch that uses a small amount of current to control a larger amount of current.

A key chain transmitter to operate the security system.

A device which reduces the voltage in a circuit.

The staus of a circuit when not in use.

A wiring circuit in which polarity is changed on operate an electrical device.

Radio Frequency. The transmission of magnetic waves without wires or a conductor.

The "layout" or drawing of an electrical circuit or circuits.

Single Pole Double Throw. A relay or switch that has one contact which can connect two other contacts.

Single Pole Single Throw. A relay or switch that has one contact which can connect one or one set of contacts.

Joining two or more circuits or wire, physically and electrcally.

Supplement Restraint System. An airbag type collision restraint.

A circuit which will cause the security system to react.

A state of a security system that bypasses any functions to operate the system. Lost remotes, repairing vehicle, etc.









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