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Audio crossovers are a class of electronic filter used in audio applications. Most individual loudspeaker drivers are incapable of covering the entire audio spectrum from low frequencies to high frequencies with acceptable relative volume and lack of distortion. Crossovers split the audio signal into separate frequency bands that can be separately routed to loudspeakers optimized for those bands. A three-way loudspeaker consists of a woofer, midrange and a tweeter. Each one of these components is designed to do a certain bandwidth of the sound spectrum. The woofer typically reproduces all the sounds under around 500Hz, the tweeter may take all the frequencies above 6000Hz and the midrange does everything in between. By dividing up the frequencies onto three different speaker components the overall sound quality is dramatically improved over that of a single component loudspeaker.



Crossovers also enable multiband processing and multiple amplification where the audio signal is split into bands that are adjusted ( equalized, compressed, echoed, etc.) separately before they are mixed together again. Some examples are: multiband dynamics (compression, limiting, de-essing), multibanddistortion, bass enhancement, high frequency exciters, and noise reduction.


Active Crossovers

An active crossover contains active components in its crossovers are operated at levels suited to power amplifier inputs in contrast to passive crossovers which operate after the power amplifier's output. All circuits with gain introduce noise , and such noise has a more deleterious effect when introduced prior to the signal being amplified by the power amplifiers.Active crossovers always require the use of power amplifiers for each output band.


A 2/3 way crossover is commonly used in a car stereo setup. It will have the flexibility to be able to provide various installation applications and expansion The need for two amplifiers or 4 channel amplifier, one dedicated to the woofer side and the other for the tweeter/midrange side and control of the crossover points make this a popular component in a car audio setup.


Crossover Installation

The Crossover is RCA patched between the head unit the amplifier. A "mixed" input feature is provided if there are only one set of RCA outputs available from the head unit or a Hi/Low level converter is used, this will limit some flexibility but is efficient.













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