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Window Roll Up/Down

Controlling the vehicles windows through a security systems is possible using a window roll up/down interface. This application will control the windows in variations according to the type of interface features used. Window modules allow your security system to automatically rollup windows when the system is armed, roll down windows using auxiliary channels and can control either two windows or four windows. Features will vary by product.

12 volt window roll up ans down module


Three window systems are used in manufactures vehicles, determing the type would involve the ignition on and a multimeter checking the switches polarity at rest. The most common is rest at ground used on domestic vehicles and rest at positive for european vehicles. Switches resting open will have the same as in the domestic installations. Operating similar to door lock operations the motors, via the switch, must have (+)12v on one side and ground on the other to function. The direction of the motor will be determined by the polarity on each wire. Identifying the type of window circuit is crucial. Splicing factory wires is neccessary for installation. The drivers door panel must be removed to access the main power window switch to make the connection for that window, all other windows should be connected at the drivers kick panel, this would avoid installing the interface in the door away from outside conditions.


Factory Window Switch/Rest at Ground

The common of the window switches is the rest at (-) ground. When the switch is pressed will send (+)12v to one wire and (-) ground to the other.



Factory Window Switch/Rest at (+)12v

Switch Will rest at (+)12v. When the switch is pressed (-) ground to one side of the window motor and (+)12v to the other side of the motor.



Factory Window Switch/Interface

The interface will simulate the windows switch actions for control.











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