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Starter Interrupt

The starter interrupt, referred also as a starter disable, is an interruption in the electrical current that flows to the car's starter when you turn the key. It installs in between the ignition switch and starter solenoid, and can be controlled via switch or relay, activated by the security system. When activated by either method it will not allow the vehicle to start. Around the lower steering column the application can be achieved. The relay and relay socket will simpilfy the procedure and is recommended in this installation.




Normally Closed Starter Interrupt

This is the most commonly used application with security systems that will have a stater interrupt (-)ground output. Once the security system is armed the relays will be activated, which will then prevent current to the starter and the vehicle will cease to start.




Normally Open Starter Interrupt

When the security system is disarmed and 12V(+) ignition is applied the relay will enable current and the vehicle will start.




Switch Controlling Starter Interrupt

A switch controlling a set of relays will function as a method to engage the starter. Once the vehicle ignition has been turned off the starter wire is interrupted, to start the vehicle turn the ignition on press the switch and start , the switch should be installed in a hidden but accessible area.




Removing the negative side of the vehicle battery before performing any attempt of installation is recommended. Working around the battery can be dangerous, take pre caution, safety glasses are a must. Using a multimeter to identify wires is highly recommended.










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