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This sensor will detect the vehicle being lifted. The sensor will activate the security when the two mechanical arms inside the sensor come in contact. Often used as wheel protection. The sensibility is adjustable.




Single Stage

The adjustable single stage shock sensor detects any hard impact attempting entry. The sensor detecting forced entry will in turn activate the security system. The sensor will continue to monitor the vehicle after intial impact. These sensors are adjustable to provide maximum protection.





Dual Stage

This sensor provides an added layer of security, in the event of accidental contact the sensor will activate stage one of the sensor,where the security system will provide a audible warning , as in a series of chirps ,and some provide the lights to flash also, if the sensor detects a heavier impact the second stage would be activated and put the security system in full audible mode. False alarms are minimized with these applications and each stage is independently adjustable.




Glass Sensor

This sensor is used as an extra layer of defense, especially on vehicles with lots of windows or large windows. The glass break sensor detects the noise of breaking glass through a microphone with a sound discriminator that responds only to the shattering sounds of breaking glass with range being adjustable..




Microwave/Proxomity Sensor

This sensor is used in auto security systems to detect movement within a space, like movement in the vehicle’s interior. Once the sensor is activated it emits a "wave" extending the diameter by the adjustments on the sensor. A popular installation would be a convertible vehicle, the sensor is installed in the interior of the vehicle. Any interruption of this "wave" would activate the sensor.





Mercury Switch

A mercury switch is made up of two electrical wires and a ball of mercury positioned inside a contained cylinder.When the cylinder tilts one way, the mercury shifts so that it comes into contact with wire. This closes the circuit running through the mercury switch and activates the security system.




Magnetic Switch

The magnetic switch is an excellent subsitute for the pin switch in certain installations. Applications such as camper tops, rear sliding windows, and tool boxes are spots monitored by this optional of switch, that would be difficult for a pin switch installation. With two parts, on being the switch and the other being the magnet, once the magnet is seperated from the switch it would trigger the security system.











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