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Car Security

Alarm Input/Output Connections

The module or "brain" has processors that will perform different task that interfaces with the vehicle and accessories that provide essential vehicle protection. All connections should be secure and soldered if possible, quality connections will result in durability and performance.


Basic Car Alarm Wire Plug

alarm-molex-plug power 12 volts


Input Connections

Power 12V(+)

Connects to Fused 12V(+) Constant

Ground (-)

Connects to vehicle ground source or chassis.

Ignition (+) 12V

Connects to wire that will show 12V(+) when the ignition key is placed to the "ON", "RUN", and the "START" or "CRANK" position, this wire will have "0" volts when the key is turned to the "OFF" and "ACCESSORY" position.

Door Trigger (+)

If the interior domelights switches 12V(+) when the door is opened, as most Fords and some import have.

Door Trigger (-)

If the interior domelight switches GROUND when the door is opened, as most GMs and imports.

Hood/Trunk (-)

Instant on ground trigger wire.

Sensor/Auxiliary (-)

Instant On Ground trigger for secondary sensor. Newer security systems will have a port availiable for the primary sensor input and hard wire is unnessary.

Valet Switch (-)

Newer security system modules will have a plug in port and hard wire is unnecessary.


Alarm Ports



Output Connections

Parking Light Flash (+)

This wire is normally open contact of the on board parking light flasher relay.

Domelight/Illuminated Entry (-)

This wire provides usually a 30 second ground output(300 mA Max.) Whenever the remote is used to disarm the alarm or to unlock the doors and provides a continuous pulsed output whenever the alrm is triggered.

Starter Interrupt (-)

This wire provides a 300 mA ground output when the alarm icircuit is armed to control the starter inhibit relay.

Door Locks

These wires will provide a pulsed GROUND or pulsed 12V(+) to the relay circuit with a maximum switching capabilitity of 300mA.

2nd Channel (-)

This is a low current output of 300mA with a usually three second pulsed ground. Relays needed.

Siren (+)

This wire is the positive feed to the siren.










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