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Security systems provide protection and convenience when interfaced with the vehicle, the system will monitor the vehicles exterior and interior for intrusions and attempted intrusions and expel an audible sound once these infractions are detected. Also called car alarms, these systems are packaged with various features and options that can be tailored to an individuals preferences, most packaged system will incude a module (brain), RF remote transmitters, siren, shock sensor, LED, and valet switch. Control of door locks, the domelight and opening the trunk, among other options, via remote transmitters are as much convenience as it is vehicle protection. These systems can come in an inexpensive simple two wire application to more feature loaded units. Proper preparation and installation is the key ingredient for ultimate operation.


Package Security System




The module will be the control center of the security system. Mounting the module in the vehicles interior compartment, secure, and not easily accessible is ideal. Moisture, vibration and temperature are factors in placement of the module. The microprocessor will included plugs or ports for inputs and outputs.





The device needed to control the security system would a coded transmitter that would arm and disarm the system and in some applications used to operate thestand alone keyless entry, unlock and lock operation. Panic feature and control of the power trunk are a few possibilities that may also be activated through transmitters. Depending on the system many channels can be progrmmed to these transmitters.The rolling code is the most secure method to transmit data and reduce risk of scan and duplicating transmitters codes. The serial number, which is composed of many bits, is stored in the modules processor during learn operation after install.





A Light Emitting Diode is a visual staus of the security system plus a detterent notifyimg that the vehicle is secured. The LED emits blinking sequences for status and programming purposes. The install will require to drill a opening, highly vsible, to mount and wire it to the main module.





Sirens will come in different decibels rating, the average type used in security systems will be 120 decibels. Installing the siren under the hood and away from as much element exposure as possible enhances the sirens performance.




Valet/Override Switch

This switches are usually mounted in the interior area, out of view, and easy accesssible. The switch will control the valet feature and possible programming. Activating this switch will place the system in bypass mode in the event for repair or lost transmitters.




Shock Sensor

The sensor is used to monitor any kind of impacts or indifferences applied to the vehicle. Various sensors monitor the vehicle for unique protection.




Pin Switches

Pin switches are used on doors, hood, trunk and any opening that can accommodate them. Often these ae optional switches added for additional protection of the vehicle.











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