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As the automotive industry progressed so did the sound systems that were placed in the vehicles. From a radio and one speaker mounted on the dash the automobile sound system has evolved into more power, more speakers, and more features. Car audio in the aftermarket area has also incoporated advanced technologies in manufacturing and materials used in car audio components.


Typical Factory Setup

The basic setup would have a head unit and four speakers. the head unit will have a small amount of power integrated to drive low power speakers.



Sound Quality One Amp Setup

A clean quality system can be affordable within a budget using careful planning and using key components that will also be expansion friendly. This is one of the many variations.



Sound Quality 2 Amp Setup

Dedicated amplifiers provide the speakers with proper power to perform effecient and express quality sound from the system. This is one of the many variations.



Sound Quality Competition Setup

The flexibility to "tweak" the system to accurate positions enhance the ultimate listening experience. This is one of the many variations.











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