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Amplifier Installation

Removing the negative side of the vehicle battery before performing any attempt of installation is recommended. Working around the battery can be dangerous, take pre caution, safety glasses are a must. Using a multimeter to identify wires is highly recommended!

Amplifier Terminal Block

All amplifier connections need to be solid and secure to assure proper flow though the system.



Basic One Amp Setup

Remove the negative side of the battery.

Aware of head unit code or computer reset if needed.

Look at the route to use, a groumet at the firewall should be installed if a hole is drilled.

Be aware for clearance when drilling for power wire.

Install am inline fuse on the power wire near the battery, fuse will depemd on current on wire.

Tie wrap and cover power wire in engine compartment

Clamp power wire to battery with quality clamp

Route power wire away from vehicles wire.

Signal cables and remote wire are installed on opposite side of power wire.

Use quality connectors for speaker wires, if neccessary route on same side of signal cables.

Connect (-) ground with bolt and on paint and insulation free metal.

Ground wire short as possible and same guage as power wire

Add main fuse



Multi Amp Setup

The current flow disribution is key for a multi amp systems, distribution blocks are recommmended for these sorts of applications.













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