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The 12 volt experience has evolved with time and technology, with analog moving to digital and savvy products from the automotive industry, the ability to interact and expand the parameters for convenience, safety, and personalized features, sets the stage for a charged experience! The use of advanced engineering and cutting edge technologies, such as faster processors and materials such as carbon fiber, are assets of technologies that has enriched the values of the 12 volt highway.


A product will affect the functionability but the determining factor between a working system and a working and reliable system comes down to the installation, proper planning, preparation and good electrical connections are essential. The connections being the vital links should require the utmost attention, soldering and heatshrink is recommended for a secure and safe connection. A "crimper" and crimp type connectors are also used in installations as well electrical tape, quality connectors and quality electrical tape are recommended when using these types of installs.



Obviously, there is more behind the ability to cue in a address on a screen or open the truck via a remote. Scientific factors and equations and relentless time has given the flexibility to control features of a automobile via a control or command. Some of the important avenues taken to achieve extroadinary lengths, can be a very complex and confusing. Simplifying and outlining is the quest taken to understand how certain properties combined can interlace as one and used in the 12 volt field.




Car audio manufacturers are adapting with new products to stay in line with the changing of the automobile and technologies incoportated in manufacturing. Even with these higher level of standards the 12 volt industry has added integration applications to improve on these standards. Amplifiers and speakers are able to contour to smaller enviroments for stealth apllications and quality sound is not sacrficed. Head units incoporate features such as navigation, MP3 and video, among others, to accomodate modern advances.




The security of a vehicle can rely on a system installed on the vehicle that will provide protection in an attempt to enter the vehicle and the removal of external parts. As a bonus the same system can control conveniences as in locking and unlocking the doors to turning the domelight on upon entering the vehicle. The deterent factor is a key element in whether the vehicle is tampered or stolen due to the attention drawn when the security system is activated.


Important! The wiring information is provided on an "as is" basis without any representation or warranty. The diagrams and information are for guidelines only. The responsibility must be taken to VERIFY any circuit before attempting any installation. Using a multimeter to identify wires is HIGHLY recommended. Removing the negative side of the vehicle battery, be AWARE of radio codes and computer resets, before performing any attempt of installation is also recommended. Working around the battery can be dangerous, take caution, safety glasses are a plus. Proper installation in every case remains the responsibility of the installer. 













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